Black Tiger...Companion to Adora


Speed 40 ft.
2 Claws
Low Light Vision
Improved Natural Armor
Improved Natural Attack
Tricks- Attack, Defend, Shout


Keep in mind Alluvia is the land of magic. Tigers are animals but may have some qualities unlike any other normal tiger.

Torque entered this world with 3 of his siblings on a sunny afternoon deep in the woods of Alluvia. His mother licked them clean and they mewed softly as they fed for the first time, nuzzled against their mothers warm fur.

Life as a cub was mostly about play and exploration. Checking out each plant, bug, and rock was exciting and his senses were always stimulated by the natural world around him. He loved his woods and as each day passed became an expert in hiding in and memorizing his surroundings. He practiced his hunting skills by pouncing and clawing small animals such as mice and rats and enjoyed the thrill of kill.

When he was old enough, his mother began to teach him how to stalk larger prey such as boars. His dark fur gave him an advantage of hiding in the shadows while he waited for the exact moment to make the kill. He remembers the first time his claws and fangs sank into an unsuspecting pig and though the squeal of the animal was annoying, the taste was oh so good.

His mother had taught he and his siblings that food was a necessity and that though the thrill of the hunt was exhilarating, attacking a creature strictly for the thrill of it was unnatural and wrong. Each creature had a purpose and even though tigers were mighty in this wood, killing and maiming for fun would not be tolerated. Though he and his 2 sisters followed this code with respect and understanding, his brother did not.

Though Torque and his family had instinct level intelligence, they were pretty wise creatures. Their common sense, intuition, and awareness about other creatures and their environment made them able to comprehend when something was not right. This was the case with Torque’s brother. After his brothers first kill, he began to kill and maim creatures just for the fun of it. The taste of the blood excited him and he ignored his mothers caution and lesson on nature. “If we are bigger and stronger than these creatures, we have a right to do what we want,” he would say. Torque knew only to defend his home, eat to live, survive, and enjoy a nap or two in the warm sun. His sisters followed this same mantra and they were all puzzled by their brothers refusal to respect their mother. Soon they would be expected to go and live on their own, secure a territory, and survive. His mother sensed that there was something evil about her cub and was afraid that he would become a monster…

Shortly before the time Torque was to leave his mother and siblings, they were walking through the woods and heard strange sounds and large clanking noises. Humans. His mother had told he and his siblings stories of humans and how some wore weird hard coverings on their bodies for protection. We all knew the tale of how she had been captured by some humans and put in an iron cage and transported to a city where they put her in a dark room with several other tigers. She had feared she would die before giving birth to us, who were babies forming in her belly. As she paced back and forth in the human made cage, she saw several smaller humans descent down into the darkness. One approached her and spoke to her, though she wasn’t sure what she was saying, she remembered her briefly saying “My name is Adora.” It seemed as if this human was able to say words in the animal language but was not very good at it. Either way her and her human companions had allowed them to escape and she was grateful….

…These humans however, that were in their woods, were not those. They wore black and silver coverings with some other color sash on their arms. They smelled like bad news. Torques mother advised them to quietly head in the opposite direction. As he and his sisters began to move away, he saw his brother slowly stalk forward in the bush. “I will kill these humans and feast on their flesh,” he said as he rushed forward and pounced on on of them. We all hid in the underbrush 50 feet or so away, watching as our sibling tore a hole into one of the humans neck, growling loudly…almost evilly. The thee other humans reacted quickly and we watched as our brother was slain…chopped and hacked by the humans weapons. Slowly we snuck away as our mother watched her son perish due to his foolish actions.

Shortly after his brother had died, he knew it was time for him to move on to his own woods. His sisters would stay with his mother for a while longer and he would miss them. Nuzzling his family one last time he headed into the woods to begin this phase of life. He did not know what would happen to him but he knew how to survive and that’s all he thought needed…


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