Adora Sinea

High Commander of the Runeguard

  • Druid
  • Female
  • Age 28
  • Brown/Blue hair
  • Brown/Violet eyes
  • Level 9
  • Half- Elf
  • Neutral Good
  • Languages- Druidic, Common, Elven, Sylvan, Giant, Dwarven, Abyssal
  • Deity Storgg


  • Climb
  • Fly
  • Handle Animal
  • Craft
  • Heal
  • Knowledge Geography
  • Knowledge Nature
  • Perception
  • Profession
  • Ride
  • Spellcraft
  • Survival
  • Swim

I was born under the full moon on a warm summer night just outside of Astalor in Alluvia. My mother was barely in labor before I entered the world kicking and screaming inside her tiny but cozy hut. My mother, Ophelia Sinea, an herbalist for the town, said I came early because I was ready to take on the world. She had me alone, with her wolf companion, Halia, by her side. I was bright eyed and curious from the beginning, she told me.
Elves are immortal and my mother was approximately 120 years old (this is my guess as she has never revealed to me her true age) though she looked as young as 30. She was a very affectionate and loving woman with a lot of patience. She was also a very strong willed, determined, and beautiful woman and she made sure to teach me to never let people take advantage of you. My mother was one of the most beautiful elves in the land and a member of a wild elven tribe. At a young age she fell for a human man, my father. I don’t know much about him other than he left us before I was born and though she never speaks of him, I know he broke her heart. I have had dreams of him but I have never told her about them.

As a small child, I spent a lot of time exploring the sparse woods outside our home. I loved to lie on the mossy floor and peer up into the forest veil. The sounds of the birds chirping, the squirrels skittering about, were peaceful and relaxing. I always felt more comfortable and relaxed in the woods and would often play made up adventures there. I had an affinity for animals and was always convincing them to come home with me. If my mother hadn’t sent them all away I probably would have had an entire forest living in our small home. My mother and I were very close with nature. She, being a worshipper of Storgg, taught me to respect the land and its creatures. As a full elf Druid, she expressed the importance of balance and the circle of life. She made it very clear that although we had the ability to charm and lure animals to do our will, we were to never abuse that power. I always respected my mother’s teachings and advice. They say a mother is God in the eyes of a child. In my case, this was very much true. My early childhood was relatively calm and peaceful from what I remember…until one day while my mother was bathing me in a small stream, officials from Aeroglyph came to my mother and asked to perform the Runeology ritual on me because they believed I was compatible. My mother protested at first but gave in because she knew she would be thrown into jail if she did not comply with their wishes. I wasn’t frightened really. Maybe for being as young as I was, I should have been. But I felt I would not be harmed. After the ritual was complete our lives seemed to go back to normal…for a short time.

“Mother,” I asked one day, “What is Runeology?” Her eyes met mine and she sighed softly. She had been prepared for this. I think my mother was a psychic, or she just knew me too well. She proceeded to tell me of the history of Alluvia and of Runeology. “See these patterns of runes adorning your body?” she said, lightly tracing my skin. I nodded. “These patterns prove that within you an ancient magic compatibility flows…”her worlds trailed off and she began to tickle me. I laughed and hugged her tightly. I knew that soon I would be leaving her for something within me ached and called me join a force greater than myself. I knew she knew this as well and we stayed there, hugging each other for hours.

Shortly after our conversation I told her of my plan to leave for Aeroglyph. She was against me joining the Runeguard and though I loved my mother, I was drawn to the prospect of becoming one. Until I was of age to begin my training, my mother taught me all she knew about herbs, potions, and magic.

Leaving home was difficult. I said goodbye to my forest, to my friends and to Halia, who warned me that my affinity for large cats would someday get me in trouble and that if I would just learn to stick with wolves and the canine species, I would be better off. My mother and I rode to Aeroglyph and though she did not care for cities at all, she loved me with all her heart and stayed with me a few nights. The women of the guard assured her I would be well taken care of, afforded all of the luxuries the city had to offer along with respect and encouragement. Before she left, I told her I would visit often and she told me we could see each other every night in our dreams…and we did.

A new chapter in my life began and my training as a protector of Aeroglyph and Alluvia forever changed me.

I began training in various subjects such as Magical and Physical combat as well as Nobility and Diplomacy. Magic came easy to me and I felt at ease casting divine magic. Physical combat wasn’t that difficult either. I rather enjoyed wielding a weapon and throwing my fellow guards around on the ground. Perhaps this was as a result of being an only child, or maybe it was because I was used to wrestling with animals in the woods. The subjects that bored me the most were diplomacy and nobility. Growing up in the country/wilderness I knew nothing of rank, social class, or status and was often disciplined for scoffing at the subject of ones nobility making them better than others. Though I knew that my eventual Runeguard status would make me well respected and considered highborn, I never let it go to my head. This however, was not always the case. Though 99% of the girls I knew and grew to love as my sisters, there was that 1% that felt that their Runeology gift was a free ticket to treat others as less than themselves. Fortunately, my captain only disciplined me half the time when these girls ended up with black eyes every so often.

When Survival Training began, I felt at home in the wilderness but not so much for the urban survival. However, as an up and coming Runeguard I knew the importance of everything we were being taught so I treated the urban portion as a different kind of wilderness.

Early on we all trained together; Druids, wizards, sorcerers and whomever else. As magical theory and other subjects advanced, we were placed into more focused groups. I was placed with 3 other Druids and we always had fun together. Maybe a little too fun for one night we all decided it would be a great idea to ‘liberate’ some caged animals we heard were being held in the back of a tavern. Animal trading wasn’t illegal. People bought and traded all kinds of animals, its part of life. However, certain animals had to go through customs and such before being traded. Wild animals were never to be caged. Though caging an animal is disgusting in itself and something I am still against, it’s why the animals are caged which makes me truly sick. If an animal is vicious enough to be caged, most likely it is being sold to be used in fights. Even the Urban druids felt it was a crime to do this. So, one evening we received a tip that several caged animals were being stored in the back of some sleazy tavern. Only two years away from Runeguard status we thought we had this under control. We paid a rogue to pick the lock of the tavern for us and as we entered the back storage room through the alley way. The rogue found us a trap door and we descended quietly into an underground mini arena. In the middle of the small room were 3 large cages…and from the cages six gleaming cat eyes stared at us from the shadows. As a half elf I have pretty good vision (thanks mom) and was able to make out two average sized panthers and one large black tiger. She was huge and not only because, well, she was a tiger, but because she was pregnant. I spoke to her calmly “My name is Adora, it’s okay, we aren’t going to hurt you…”

We spent several hours calming the beasts and letting them know we were there to help them. We were able to open the cages and coax the beasts up the stairs so that we could sneak them out of the city. Not really having a plan as to how to get them through the streets and down to the gates unnoticed was our weakness for as we each whispered in druidic how to do so, we heard voices coming down the hall to the back storage room. The animals became spooked and jolted towards the back door and chaos ensued…

The next morning we all lined up in front of our Captains desk and explained to him why we had broken an entry, released three large wild beasts into the city that almost got the tavern owner killed, and caused hundreds of gold worth of damage. I took most of the blame. The Captain as well as elder Runeguards were sympathetic to our cause and understood the rationale of our actions. It turned out that the owner’s son had been behind the animal caging and the tavern owner was unaware. He agreed to keep the matter hush hush if we agreed to pay for the repairs to his storage room. We were still reprimanded and assigned to extra patrols with the stipulation that if we saw anything out of the ordinary, we would report it before taking matters into our own hands. Though the extra duty sucked, I felt relieved to know that the animals were released back into the wild and the mother would safely have her cubs out in the wild where they belonged. Little did I know that someday, I would be reunited with one of her kin.

During the next few years of training, before my official status of Runeguard was placed upon me, I studied hard and tried to stay out of trouble. My Captain said my feisty nature needed to be controlled but often complimented me on my hard work and determination as well as my stubborn and steadfast nature. I visited my mother as often as I could, joining trading caravans to Astalor when I was able to. She had been spending more time in the shop mixing and selling potions as well as conversing often with a childhood friend of mine, Adahy, who was about 10 years older than I was. He was a wilderness man who seemed magically inept but peaceful and quiet. He mostly stayed to himself and rarely came to town. Growing up I often saw him in the woods while on my play adventures and we would talk about my mother or animals or Storgg or pretty much anything simple and nature related. My mother seemed to enjoy his presence and he kept her company while I was away. I missed her so much but was glad we still had our dreams to keep us together.

Soon I was a full fledged Runeguard. I had passed the training and was assigned, to my surprise, to guard various noble families as they ventured to other cities around Alluvia. One such family I was often assigned to was that of Sir Reginald Swift. Sir Reginald was a man of honor, courage and nobility. He had a lovely wife, four daughters, and a son. Flynn, his son, was about my age and sometimes accompanied his father on his trips through the country. To my surprise, Flynn was hardly like his father in any way. I would see him frequent the upper class taverns at all hours of the day and leave each night with one, two, and sometimes three barmaids at a time. Though he was an ass and somewhat annoying, we got along quite well. This is mostly because of one fateful day we shared together.

One morning I received orders to accompany Flynn to the next city to meet with his father. Apparently Flynn was supposed to accompany him two days prior for a meeting with the mayor whom his father is good friends with but Flynn was off somewhere and could not be found. Probably passed out drunk in some woman’s room. Anyhow, I met Flynn at his home and we headed to meet his father. The journey was a day and a half ride. It was sunny and beautiful out as they rode and Flynn talked endlessly about his fathers’ wealth, his good luck with ladies, and his training with the rapier. At least I could stand the talk of his fencing practice and tried to focus on that. After several hours we decided to rest…I should say, Flynn began to whine about the heat and rode his horse off into the woods as I mentioned there being a small spring near by. “Flynn wait…” I tried to say as he headed toward the stream. Next to the spring was a small grassy clearing and Flynn crouched near the water to fill his canteen. “Flynn, you need to be careful in these woods, there are a lot of wild animals here and I…” before I could finish he cut me off. “Now Adora, there is no need to worry, I can handle anything that should come forth through these woods, do not fret my dear friend,” and he flashed a smile as he stood up. I climbed down off my horse and patted her on the shoulder, rolling my eyes and began to walk towards Flynn. Just as I took a few steps I heard movement in the bushes behind Flynn. “Flynn, shhh…” I take a few steps forward and I hear a low growl as two bright green/yellow eyes emerge from the bush. In an instant, I rush forward and shove Flynn to the ground and out of the way. In that same moment, a beautiful black striped tiger leaps forward and swipes at my leg, slashing my flesh. It growls and bares its fangs, his ears pressed backwards. Before he can swipe at me again I said “Please, we are not here to hurt you.” The tiger pauses and looks at me. “Please, I do not want to harm you, we are only passing through,” I say calmly, holding my leg as blood drips through my fingers. The tiger steps back and ceases his growling. His ears perk up and he says to me “I was protecting myself and my home.” “I understand,” I said and lower myself down to the ground, ripping a piece of fabric from my shirt and wrapping it around my bleeding leg. I pause for a moment to heal my wound. Slowly the gashes close until small pink scars are left on my thigh. I look over at Flynn and he is frozen stiff, staring at me. I’m sure the sight of a tiger, blood, and watching me speak animal had him pretty shaken up. “Flynn, you can relax,” I say calmly. I turn my attention back to the tiger. “My name is Adora, and this is Flynn, we are headed east and will not be in your woods long.” The tiger cocks his head and looks at me. “My mother once spoke the name you just said.” I looked at the tiger quizzically for a moment and then a memory flashed through my mind. “You were a tiny cub in your mothers belly when I freed her a few years ago from a cage in the tavern…” I looked at the tiger. “She told us when we were young of the kindness of a human who had freed her from an iron prison…” I stared into the eyes of the majestic beast and felt something stir inside me. I reached out slowly and softly stroked the tiger’s fur. I instantly felt connected with him. A feeling of oneness rushed over me. A bond, a linkage, a connection now tied me to this beast and I felt just as my mother said I would years ago…whole.

Flynn wasn’t too excited that we would now be traveling with the tiger that had just attacked us. Though I tried to explain to him my fondness for animals and the connection that the tiger, which I so lovingly named Torque, now shared, he still huffed and puffed and whined the rest of the trip.

My mother had explained to me that my first true bond with an animal would be special and that this bond was sacred and to be treated as a blessing from our druid ancestors as well as Storgg. Each night when I scratch Torques belly before bed, I pray that our bond lasts the ages.

Several years after acquiring my animal companion, Flynn and I began to meet often to talk about the increase in attacks on Alluvia from the Imperium. A force which has already taken several countries surrounding Alluvia, the Imperium seek to conquer all those around them. “Adora, I know several people who have been getting paid to do assignments for the Order of the New Dawn in attempt to disable the Imperium forces…I think we should start a group and do the same.” For once I agreed with him. “Do you know anyone who would be interested in joining us?” I asked. “Yes,” he said and smiled, sipping his ale.

So that night we devised a plan to gather members to form a force of good in hopes of protecting our beloved country against evil forces. The Gilded Blade was born and though at times as a Runeguard I will struggle internally to do some of the things required of our missions, I know in the end it is all for Alluvia.

Psych Profile: Adora is a feisty druid that doesn’t like to be told what to do. Sounds kinda crazy since she is a Runeguard huh? Though she is stubborn she is extremely respectful. She is loyal to her friends and loved ones and is very close to her mother, who raised her alone. She loves animals, especially tigers. Guarding Alluvia and her current city of Aeroglyph is important to her. She detests the corruption of evil magics that harm creatures and the land as well as the purity of ones soul. She has a close band of friends whom she she considers her family, and they often adventure together.

Adora Sinea

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