Footsteps of the Fallen

Work Chronicles - Updated

Friedmont, Allamonde, Ulduvai, Corian, shoggoth, artifacts

Work Chronicles of Sir Friedmont O. Allamonde, Knight of the Order of Judicial Inquisitor’s and Holy Champion to Her Grace

Other than through divine indication that I am on the right track, I have had no sighting of my quarry. As such, I’ll keep on track with the Sovereign Blades.
In the event that something happens, and another should find my body and possession, these notes may be of use and so I provide a warning to my potential successor if every that should come to pass: be very wary of these travelers. They are generally speaking kind enough, but their methodology about how they go about resolving matters, how they carry themselves, and what their motives are for doing what they are doing are all very unusual and frankly suspect.

Lord Flynn Swift is a noble from Aeroglyph, Alluvia. He’s charming, well spoken, clearly has a noble’s education and is reasonable with a weapon (more of a dilettante than anything I suspect). I’ve been traveling with the Sovereign Blades for close to a year and a half now and I have seen a positive change in his personality towards being more mature, not as arrogant and easier to be around. However, he appears to have a wandering moral compass. His ethics are highly questionable in how he will go to change resolving one situation to the next. He seems to be very amiable and welcoming when things are going well, but when situations start turning badly, he is an opportunist. As such, I warily trust him. He makes me uneasy and suspicious. Be very careful about trusting this man.

Adora Sinea is another member of the Sovereign Blades. She is another interesting person. She is a former runeguard: cast out for treason against the Order of the Runeguard. Needless to say, I trust her even less than Lord Swift. It’s beyond incredulity that she attempts to portray herself as a righteous person, but yet, she’s a traitor. She professes her love of country and the like, which I don’t necessarily disagree with. It’s more the issue of her level of sincerity to country and cause. How awful to be a respected member of the Order of the Runeguards, which many, many people know far and abroad and frankly revere and respect, to be cast out as a traitor. On a related note to Adora, she seems nice enough and she is I will admit extremely comely. Her particular profession beyond that of being a former runeguard member is apparently that of a forester. From what I’ve overheard, she lived with her mother in a small cottage of sorts and learned the ways of druidism. She has a very large tiger that travels with her named Torque. It’s clearly a smarter and wiser animal than an average beast. Clearly Torque is not to the standards of Tal-Quar-Ian, but capable and loyal.

Corian is another individual, an elf in fact, that is part of the Sovereign Blades. He’s a difficult person to peg down but he seems honorable enough. I don’t get the uneasy feeling around him that I get from Lord Swift and Adora. Of course, he is elven, and in fact the first I’ve ever met in person, so the jury is still out as I have to get to know him better. Corian is a gifted archer and arcane wielder. His abilities with a bow are truly profound. His martial capacities beyond a bow haven’t been exercised as of yet and so I have no idea. I believe the key with Corian is that he appears to be by all accounts very trustworthy. For the life of me, I wonder as to why he travels with Lord Swift and Adora, but he has been one of the greatest influences with me continuing to stay with the Sovereign Blades beyond others that She has given. Corian could at some point be considered a friend, but I wouldn’t be arrogant enough to assume he would even tolerate such a relationship based on what I’ve read of elves. Who can blame them though I suppose, we humans must look like seven day flies compared to their longevity. If anyone would be trusted reasonably so, trust Corian. He is reasonable, listens to you and doesn’t get outraged if you have a point that runs counter to what point is being offered.

Ortan Swillbeard is a degenerate drunk and a priest. I must profess that I as well had never met a dwarf in person before Ortan, much as I had never met an elf before Corian. What a difference. He is very rough, stodgy, and belligerent. He appears to be capable of healing, but his moral character seems to be centered on drinking, filth and living the life of a degenerate. If that is indeed his drive, he has done well. Based on his loose moral character and propensity for a loathsome lifestyle recommend watching this dwarf closely. He hasn’t given any reason for concern of imminent threat such as murder or robbery, but with character issues such as he has, it wouldn’t surprise me. In terms of combat skills, he seems to have the capacity to carry himself well enough in combat.

Overall, I am not trusting of this group (with the exception of Corian) as they all seem to have spotty, unreliable backgrounds. I would again highly recommend doing additional studies to find more about these people in order to figure out what kind of relationship you should have with them. As of now, I have decided to maintain a merely contractual/consulting sort of relationship with them. Unless something changes significantly, I could never have a meaningful relationship with them with possibly the exception of Corian.
The last few months have been very trying. The Sovereign Blades and I have fought in the city of Ulduvai. Ulduvai was once a flying city in a likely greater era in Alluvia’s history. The charge of the Sovereign Blades has been to explore the city, and look for artifacts and/or knowledge about how the artifacts can assist in helping bring Aeroglyph back to the status of a flying city once again.

During my travels in Ulduvai with the Sovereign Blades, I have found that they are highly chaotic as my earlier observations of them individually are, with the exception of Corian. He is very adept in combat and has been instrumental in helping to bring down a plethora of demons and other fell creatures in the now fallen and defunct city.

In my times in the city of Ulduvai and in fighting next to the Sovereign Blades I have found that they are very reliable in combat: a great and valuable asset. However, the processes by which they function are still decidedly frightening. Most decisions are made by process of a group vote. This is so quaint. I don’t even know what one would call such a decision making process, but it is not efficient or productive.

There are times when Lord Swift will come forward and appear to push for a leadership role, but then he melts backwards and goes for a group consensus. It baffles me to the point of madness! How can a titled lord, whom has by all likelihood been educated in leadership and warfare to some degree, be so lackadaisical about what seems to be a natural desire to lead for a lord? Great, ask for advice from Adora, Corian, I, Ortan, etc. but why is this man seemingly wanton to cause so much confusion? Every day tries my patience and my desire to take the minotaur by its horns, but I can’t, as it is not my place, my duty and something I just don’t think this group of people are mature enough for with the possible exception of Corian. The irony here: a titled lord, and a former runeguard (whom are soldiers), neither of whom provide any leadership in its proper form. By all rights Lord Swift should take command of this group, particularly of the citizens of Alluvia (such as Adora and Ortan) as their rightful superior and lead them.
I can say this though, when we took the fight to a wizard by the name of Banderak, the world became very odd. It all started with a conversation that some of us had with Banderak. This creature reeked of evil, yet his charms worked so well, specifically on Lord Swift. Lord Swift began discussing, I dare say I am even reticent to think these words let alone write them, the finer points of the city and began to take sides with this obviously foul creature. When I say takes sides I mean the conversation began to occur about property rights!! Who in their wildest imagination would think of such an absurd notion?! These lands are the property of the Crown of Alluvia! I know that not just as a lawyer but as an educated gentleman of Rhodontius. Alas, Lord Swift took sides with Banderak as did others and I left. Weak minded fools fell to the charming call of evil.

However, the oddest set of events I have ever borne witness to occurred shortly thereafter. That evening as we all slept I had a dream in which a most foul demon from the deepest of the Abyss’ levels set upon us and as valiantly as I fought I was smote by the demon. The others (as it seemed I was observing things from a disembodied perspective) went back to Creesk with my body in an attempt to attain divine magic’s that would bear me back to life. In a flash, the dream was over and I awoke with the others telling me that there had been some form of magical attack in our dreams but that we were now ok. To be honest, it seemed very odd, but then again, I am not a wizard and know nothing of their ways. Corian explained it to me, but that is a science I have not been trained in and since I have had no real reason to distrust him, I took his word for it. I can say this: clearly Ilosia wanted revenge for such a dare to kill me in the midst of my mission.

It was then that we returned to Creesk to try to find mercenaries whom could help with slaying Banderak. During the approximate month of travel back to Creesk we encountered by way of Adora’s excellent observation skills a half-breed named Garok. A brief discussion occurred and to my astonishment Lord Swift and the others “voted” him into the group. At this point, it is laughable how things are done. Here is a half-breed orc that proclaims he is a tracker and bounty hunter and they simply blindly trust a creature who was tracking them into their camp beyond a simple travelers welcome and share of a fire.

During the campfire discussion I was surprised to find upon questioning his credentials that he is in fact registered with the crown as a bounty hunter. I was quite pleased about that. He seems like he may be moderately capable in a combat situation, but he is no soldier. It’s hard to say overall though what to expect from Garok since he doesn’t interact with people very much and is very quiet; he seems pretty dim intellectually. He clearly has the skill to perform moderately difficult quarry tracking, but beyond that, I have no idea why he was hired/admitted to the Sovereign Blades. Overall, I am in the middle of the road on this half-breed. I would spend more time learning about him and talking with him to see about whether he can be trusted or not.

Upon arrival back to Creesk a hiring process was undertaken to find some qualified mercenaries. Again, the group/vote process presented itself which bit me square in the rear. A woman by the name of Sundari approached the table that everyone was at and inquired about employment. It wasn’t apparently to long before she was hired into the Sovereign Blades from what appeared to be a brief interview process.

She is religious and monastic in her teachings and lifestyle. As far as I can tell, she has no profession, which is concerning. She’s pretty obnoxious though when you interact with her. To a large degree, she either has a low opinion of herself or she is one of the most arrogant people I’ve ever met as she makes a joke out of most things she discusses and acts very flippant about almost all decisions. In dealing with her I’m suspicious of her having been possibly kicked out of her monastery for what would seem to be discipline issues, maturity issues or both. I have no idea what she will be like as the group just hired her but she seems to be calm and collected, likely a result of good training in martial skills. However, I can’t get over the lack of clarity or sense to her. She acts completely random and somewhat childlike in situations that have no calling for such a reaction. To top it all off, she has a serious alcohol issue. Not as bad as Ortan, but pretty bad.

Additionally, a former soldier by the name of Isabelle approached the table as well looking for work. She is a self-admitted millwright of traps and specializes in creating them for infiltrating complexes. I have yet to see her produce any, so I have no idea if this is true. I have no idea as to why she is no longer serving, but, that is perhaps something I can learn of more. I would really like to know, as I am starting to see a pattern here: flunkies that fall out of their specific calling (with the exception of Corian thus far) and group together to work: if that is the case, not good. I will be spending more time to get to know her and recommend that if you are reading this, you do so as well.

Later that evening when I went back downstairs from my room after bathing and taking care of personal matters to see what the status of the hiring’s were. It appeared that they were still in the final processes of it, but close nonetheless. As I approached, I was asked if I had any input. I said, yes. I believed that we should put these people through some trials before we left town to see if they truly brought to the quest what they said they did. In response to that I was berated by both Lord Swift and Adora for taking too much time and additionally that it wasn’t my place to do such a thing either. The irony to whom may read this is that a traitor felt it her place to tell me, a Knight of the Order of Judicial Inquisitor’s and a Holy Champion to Her Holy and Vengeful Lady, how to go about qualifying a mercenary. If nothing else, I feel that Her Lady would find the irony entertaining.

I admit that I lost my temper and patience as I had been holding on to such anger and frustration for so long. I told Adora that since that is how she felt, that I would part way with them and I did in fact do so. Immediately following that separation of ways I went back to my room, relaxed or the remainder of the day before I set out to Aeroglyph the next day. At that point I believe the Sovereign Blades were preparing to the leave the next morning.
My travels to Aeroglyph over the course of the next ten day were unfettered. It was honestly very relaxing with just me and Tal-Quar-Ian traveling alone once again. Riding with Tal beneath me as a symbol of righteous authority truly precipitates a calming feeling I must admit. I must admit that it helps as well with keeping riff-raff away as I travel, ha! The next few nights under the stars I mostly contemplated my holy quest since I had complete silence and nothing else to consider. I’ve been on the road for almost a few years now and it is good to refocus and contemplate what I’ve been doing and to ask if that is taking me where I need to be going. Thus far it has seemed that way, but it clearly must not be as such. The Sovereign Blades are an undisciplined, rowdy, and haphazard group of people. They mean well I truly believe, but, they’re dangerous.

As I rode into Aeroglyph I decided to gather myself, reconnoiter my notes from the last two plus years and make sure I haven’t missed anything that may have led me astray. I also decided that during this time of chaos, anger, hurt and desire for revenge that I would help bring the Word to Aeroglyph. Not only will I tithe of course but I will also speak to the wary, the downtrodden and hurt and reinvigorate their souls with a passion for hope and for revenge!!
Over the last three weeks I’ve managed to get a lot done. I have proselytized to the masses for a solid three ten days’ worth of time. Not in a row, but with days scattered in between so that I might gather my knowledge of all that has transpired over the last just shy of three years. I can see and feel the passion in this Alluvians. They want to bring suffering to those whom have made them hurt so much. The first ten days were difficult. I had to peel back the scabs that have crusted up over the raw emotional nerves to allow for the hurt to truly appreciate what is going on. It’s been invigorating to once again be able to hug a child, a sad and lonely woman who has lost a husband or a nobleman who has lost soldiers under his command. When you’re on the road for so long, you can lose track of those important things in life. I’ve brought into the fold solidly a good eleven souls, four of whom have decided to join the priesthood as acolytes. Another twenty-two have decided to worship Lady Ilosia and truly understand the importance of justice through vengeance. Life is good my Lady. Thank you for your blessings.
After the last three ten days of proselytizing I felt a renewed sense of urgency to make contact with the Order of Judicial Inquisitor’s back in Rhodontius. I went to the small (but now growing) temple that venerates Lady Ilosia and worked with a priest to send a message to the temple. I was rewarded with a message only four bells later. The message was not what I expected. An Inquisitive Diviner informed me that the Bones of Foresight saw success on the same trail that the Sovereign Blades travel.

Oh Lady….I felt anger, but as quickly as I felt it, I felt it subside and a sense of vigor washed over me, clearly your Holy Grace, and I realized that such righteous paths are not easy and that if such a path was laid before me by your Holiness, then that is the path I would take! I speak this prayer and will reflect upon it regularly:

I pray to you Lady Ilosia, I pray for these wayward souls to achieve sanity so that they may live to fulfill their goodly cause; to achieve a synergy that defines it purpose; I pray to You to deliver upon these reckless few the clear path and divine guidance that they only pay lip service to through their tolerant gods, all with the exception of Lord Swift. He takes Your name for self-serving need. Please Lady, take vengeance on him so he may be rebranded with the fire in his soul of Your ever burning reminder to obedience. He does not venerate You with heart and with love. He takes Your name when it suits him and thinks not of it later. It makes me feel very angry and very vengeful for his lack of love to You. I ask for our divine blessing in allowing me the continued grace and patience to tolerate this man whom takes Your name in casual mention. Allow him to see the light that Your divine grace provides so that he might see that path once again and come to glory once more. Let him know vengeance against all of those whom have attacked his country, harmed his people and broken his heart so that he will know You in your divine perfection!

I immediately packed up my gear, prepared Tal for the rode with a proper grooming, and finalized all other odds and ends before my need for departure. I then sought out a wizard to expedite my return to Ulduvai where I would meet up with the Sovereign Blades hopefully. If I am correct in my math, I should be close to on time with their arrival and the impending battle that needs to be had with Banderak.
Before the arcane professor teleported me in I prepared a spell of grace, one of protection and one to allow me to smite any foes that would dare stand before me. The professor teleported me and I literally appeared in Banderaks’ chamber a moment after the woman, whom I recall as Brianca, split Banderaks’ head in twain. Marvelous! The job was done and no one died. However the frustration of seeing Lord Swift and Adora definitely arose swiftly.

There was a brief discussion about my return which I briefly explained was tied to my quest and it was left at that. They seemed to be accepting enough of the reasons and did not object, so I began discussing with them what laid before the Sovereign Blades and I. Essentially a basic plan of scouring the city was put together to find the remaining artifacts so that the information and artifacts could be relayed to the proper authorities back in Aeroglyph.

Over the coming week several battles occurred with demons no less! There fearsome beasts and all were sent back to the bowels of the Abyss. Foul sons of bitches that they are indeed! As more time progressed and more of city was searched a most foul beast was uncovered. This beast is apparently called a shoggoth (I double checked the spelling with Corian and that is correct in case you need to take this back to elders) and it is a beast of epic chaos. Apparently it hails from reaches so far beyond our sphere that it is simply incomprehensible. It appears to be a part of the arcane teachings to be aware of such things and as such, I had no ability to intelligently discuss the matter. This terrifying creature is well beyond our capacity (and I daresay, perhaps even against the ability of a mundane army: this beast may possibly only be slain by magic’s) and as such we are formulating a plan as we search the city for how to deal with it.

What I can say is that the Staff of Rightful Rule was uncovered and it was as well found that an item called the Bag of Winds and the Fandibulum (not sure on the spelling) are needed. The Fandibulum is a room that we have found and it was largely figured out how it would work. The Bag of Winds seems as if it may be lost to time though. For now, the priority seems to be to find a way to destroy this creature. Corian has a plan to read through some tomes that have been discovered and hopefully they will lead us to a solution in destroying this foul beast from the ends of reality.
A horrible turn of events has been visited upon poor Corian. How can I seek vengeance on his behalf against arcane professors from millennia gone past? Corian has read the tomes I mentioned from a few days ago. As a result of one tome that is infused with the chaos of this beast that roams and destroys all in its path, Corian seemingly has been infused with the some level of chaos associated with this beast. There has been discussion between Corian and Adora as to the nature of it and other things, but I simply don’t understand the complexities of it. A lawyer, Inquisitor, and holy champion I may be, but alas an arcanist I am not. No one knows what to do; however, I have borne witness to his soul and he bears no stain of evil. I dare not bear witness to his soul as to this chaotic sickness he is infused with as I know the return and folly of such an action. I know that we need to continue to find another path to help Corian, and I pray we find it in time if this is indeed dangerous.
A vault in the ground near the border of the city has been found and searched. Not sure what it was once used for, but it seems to be a good place to rest and gather ourselves if need be. More information has been uncovered about Corian’s affliction. After reading the tome, somehow Corian was forcibly connected to the shoggoth. No one knows how, but it is in fact what has happened. Apparently where Corian goes and where the shoggoth goes, they are both aware of it. It has been determined after discussion that returning to Creesk and/or Aeroglyph for guidance will be the best option. Everyone is at their wits end on how to solve this symbiotic relationship that the two have, and the shoggoth must die on principle as it is evil, a source of ultimate chaos and most profoundly destructive. We all set out tomorrow back to Creesk.
We’d been on the road for two and half ten day when serendipitously enough, the Chosen Few were spotted walking on a magical cloud of traveling. Their attention managed to be caught by all of us calling for them and making ourselves quite obvious on the ground. They descended and we spent the rest of the day and night talking, sharing a fire and stories as well as good food, and discussed the matters of Ulduvai as well. After all was discussed it was determined that they would make an attempt to heal Corian of this affliction. Ultimately, the magic’s cast in the morning were no avail. The Chosen Few have offered to teleport back most of the Sovereign Blades. I offered traveling back with Tal myself in the company of Adora. We told Corian and everyone else that we would meet up in between a half to a ten day.

As we arrived into town we were briefed that Corian had no luck on uncovering information regarding his plight with arcanists in Creesk. As such, plans were made to go to Aeroglyph the next day. We took refuge in the comforts of proper lodging, rested up, recouped any needed provisions and what not and set out the next morning.

Several days later we all arrived in Aeroglyph. It was much as it was when I last saw it roughly just overly a month ago, with the exception that the cold had brought with it a thin veil of snow and frost covering everything like a blanket. Corian immediately sought out magical aid from casters felt to have greater knowledge of such afflictions that he bears. The others all went about their business proper. I would like to take a moment to acknowledge a robbery on the way between Creesk and Aeroglyph. A halfling and his similar companions came from the hanging trees over our passage and stole an ioun stone from me as well as much money and a few mundane items from others. Corian used magic to aid his search and Adora sent up Torque into the trees to track them. In the end they gave back much of it, but did not surrender. I have properly listed this band of felons in my book. If you are reading this, then I am dead. As such, I ask of you to bear my vengeance and lay it upon these felons and bring them to justice as justice calls for it in these lands. Those felons MUST FUCKING PAY!!!! Corian along with members of the Chosen Few were able to come up with a plan that would allow for sealing the shoggoth up and forcing it to slumber for massive amounts of time, with renewal of the magic every so often. This would allow for Corian to continue on with not nearly the burden that he carries now and to try finding a better solution at another time. Additionally, this plan will help to protect the countryside from the wrath of the shoggoth.

Alas, as a few days went by, it was determined that we needed to head back (after some information was given regarding how we might be able to discover the Bag of Winds) to Ulduvai to continue this quest of aiding in information retrieval in order to ultimately get Aeroglyph flying again. Again, teleports were used to transport the Sovereign Blades and I back to Ulduvai. As we arrived, Corian and the others went to implementing the plan they had previously discussed. Suffice to say, it was an incredibly difficult arcane ritual that apparently they all came up with as a unique response to what was happening.

After but only perhaps fifteen minutes, the entire affair was over. They tried to describe to me what happened, but frankly after a short bit into the monologue, I could no longer understand it. Most importantly, the result of this magical endeavor was that Corian’s tie to the shoggoth was diminished so greatly that magical analysis barely bore out the tie even existing. Sadly, the aesthetic impacts remained: the black eyes, a lightly smoldering of something resembling smoke coming forth from his eyes and the like. Though, the fact that Corian has his life in a much better position speaks volumes as to the success thus far.
Over the course of the next day and a half, the Bag of Winds was uncovered, taken to the Fandibulum. The staff was placed within the Fandibulum as well as miracle happened: the city came to life. The room lit up, magic hummed through the control chamber, an ancient magical power awakened and the flying ape guardians came forth to help protect the city. I am beside myself with the awesome glory of the City of Ulduvai; brought back from the forgotten annuls of history and once again rising into the skies of Alluvia to go and bring aid to the hurt, homeless, and demoralized. Ulduvai flies again and I am a part of this magical and divine experience!

All hail Your Grace! You bring vengeance back floating through the air, ready to bring justice to those whom have been found guilty of violence so unwarranted and so unjust!



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