Footsteps of the Fallen

Work Chronicle - 10/03/10/3441

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I won a victory for Rhondontius’ ally the Alluvian people today. It was like all other victories I’ve won before with the exception of there being an element of sadness to the outcome.

I met with a court clerk whom scheduled a hearing with Lord Marquis Adole Unyarh. Before the court date I of course sent out a runner to serve the ‘Memorandum of Law’ on Sundari beforehand as a show of courtesy and respect: it’s always worse when it just comes from the court in my opinion.

Anyhow, Sundari met with me before court and I succinctly explained to her, after she leveled many questions, what my reasoning was for acting in a capacity of qui tam pro domino rege quam pro se ipso in hac parte sequitur. In a very condensed reasoning (since I have a copy of the Memorandum of Law for my personnel records as required of Judicial Inquisitors) I explained to Sundari that the law cannot stop all other legal proceedings simply because there are in fact larger issues going on simultaneously. It defeats the point of law at that point. Law is not a matter of convenience, nor is it something that may simply be dismissed if a People seek to have a truly balanced life that also provides for safety, comfort and cultural dignity. Needless to say, Sundari did not see eye to eye with me.

The next day we met in court. In her defense in presence as well as in statement before the court were the rest of the Ascending Wardens. While I bear no ill will towards any of them, I should be clear about something. They did what they felt was right, and that is honorable of them to stand at their companions side during such a trying time. The sad, sad part was that they stood on the side of injustice as they did what they thought was wrong.

I completely understand that the Ascending Wardens felt that their actions were justified either in Sundari’s case in terms of punching the bound and defenseless prisoner in the throat, or the other’s backing her up. How sad though: I tried to tell them that what had happened was wrong. I tried to tell them that people, even prisoners of war, have rights if those rights are granted. Those rights were granted by none other than King Gyx. Did they care: no, they did not care at all that King Gyxs’ laws were not followed. Did they therefore demonstrate great disrespect towards the law that their King wrote: most certainly they did. I knew this, and tried to make a case in a way that facilitated their understanding, but they refused to listen. Did Lord Swift declare that in this case it was alright to punch the bound and defenseless prisoner in the throat potentially leading to his death even when I told him as a prosecutor certified in his own country that it was wrong: yes he did in fact declare his actions to be legal?

Why must people, most especially when times are dire such as in war feel that it’s ok for them to break the law as they feel it is appropriate? How arrogant. How self-righteous. In this case, how evil, despicable, disrespectful, and unethical their actions were, especially for a Lord of an important House in Aeroglyph. What kind of message does that send to lesser folk than his station? It tells them to disregard, even your own King, when you feel it is justified! That’s not ok, and I will never stand for such a thing, no matter how much I may enjoy the company of said people. I have my god Ilosia, my life, my family, my duty, morals and ethics, and I will not compromise on any of them for anything!

I must say that the most interesting element relevant to the violation of law and my support of such was when multiple members accused me of being “bi-polar” or conflicted in some manner. Their basis for making such a claim is premised on a suggestion that I made to Lord Rahvain after the flying City of Uldavai was returned by the Ascending Wardens. My statement to Lord Rahvain was that he should seek vengeance in its most exacting form upon the enemy relative to what had been visited upon them. The Ascending Wardens actually believed that that is what I personally desired or was striving for Alluvia. This made me realize how little they know of the Ilosian religion.

Our religion, as you know Brother, believes that facilitating vengeance as a matter of justice is a means by which the victims may attain solace for their injured and burdened souls. This is dogma of Our Lady Ilosia for the general faith. As Judicial Inquisitors, we are held to a different standard due to our particular set of duties. Even as I explained this to them, they couldn’t understand the explanation of the gray line between unwarranted and/or inappropriate vengeance and vengeance as a controlled and justified action meant to help quell the hurt of those whom have been so egregiously injured. Perhaps as they become more educated and experienced in life over time they will come to realize this and perhaps learn from this time.

Nonetheless, I delivered my case in front of the Lord Marquis, and the verdict came back guilty of attempted murder. In the ‘Memorandum of Law’ that I prepared for the Court I requested that in lieu of five years in hardened prison quarters and a 3,800 gold fine, that Sundari instead be placed under moral probation to be monitored by myself for a period not to exceed two years, but as little as one year if I feel that Sundari is fit for being released from such monitoring. Of course, even after moral probation was defined for not only Sundari, but for the entire group of Ascending Wardens, they still were outraged.

They all argued how I was unfit for such a duty (see my points above). They argued that Adora was a better moral compass. Simply put, no one there was even remotely qualified to monitor Sundari’s probation other than me. My job as a Judicial Inquisitor makes me supremely qualified in fact for such a position. After all, it is the Judicial Inquisitors that indeed judge judges in our land (as well as other as the situation may arise) in not merely a legal capacity, but in a moral and ethical capacity as well. Additionally, they would have had my continued work with them as a superior mounted combatant. Alas, that is not the destiny that was meant for me in light of everything that has happened.

Sadly, the lesson of the day was not learned. A group of people went out with the noblest of intentions, to protect their company, and when confronted about horrible behavior, they disregard it. Why my god, do these people not see the errors of their ways? I honestly feel horrible I must admit. I feel injured for their souls. I wouldn’t say these people were like family, or even really close and personal friends. However, they generally speaking were a nice enough group of people. Their purpose started out well, but the chaos, uncontrolled violence and sheer vile nature of war has seemed to claim these people’s hearts and souls: some more than others.

Nonetheless, I remember several years ago as I walked through the Halls, seeing The Mural, how adamant I must be in order to preserve, law, order, justice and fairness in life for my part in doing so. If I move or go beyond that line even once, I will compromise myself. I would not only compromise myself, but I as well would compromise the trust in which my People, and our allies, put in us to act in such a manner as to always be the final check and balance.

I think from here I will proselytize here in Aeroglyph for longer. Keeping focus on my roots in scripture so that when I travel out into the world again, in search of my quarry, that I may be successful in Her name is just as important as the mission itself. My soul and my sense of being as they are intertwined must remain clear of stain so that my vision is guided only by Her hand. I must say as well that the people of Aeroglyph, and in general the people of Alluvia, seem to be holding things together well considering all of the circumstances at play here. However, I can see that they feel a bit lost.

The people of Alluvia, and more specifically Aeroglyph, are missing that sense of completion that only vengeance can bring. They have been horribly wronged, and the only way to close their wounds and begin the healing of their souls is to make them not just feel the need for Her vengeance, but understand it. They need to understand what I do: that there is a gray line that exists where people move away from slaughter for slaughters sake and understand that vengeance is a tool intended for healing in the realm of Justice. I think I can help to begin the healing process with these Alluvians, and I aim to do so.

Beyond my time of additional proselytizing here in Aeroglyph, I seek to perhaps gain audience with some level of leader within the military ranks to convey the need for bringing a different tact to approaching offense and defense in Alluvia. Alluvia is sorely lacking of more traditional means by which they can manage this war. Orvosa seems like an excellent partner for the Alluvians’ to strike a treaty with regarding this war as not only is there a legal precedence for such, but there is the reality that Orvosa has some of the best trained and capable ground forces in the world. Better to strike as one large, unified and strong force, than as two separate yet strong forces. Hopefully they will listen, as I foresee greater hardships and unnecessary deaths if such counsel is not taken.

Whoever may be reading this, and I pray it is an ally: please continue on in my stead. The individual for whom I track is profoundly dangerous and is required to be brought to justice. However, they need to be brought before Her so that proper justice may be meted out. I will stay in town perhaps for another two more ten-day before I leave enroute to Orvosa. I will be taking back up my search for my quarry and I am hoping that perhaps I may pick up the trail as I make my way along the major routes where bards and other travelers may have information of utility.

Blessed be Lady Ilosias’ infinite wisdom, desire to quell the pain and suffering of those wronged and Her trust in me to deliver those whom deserve justice by Her firm but righteous hand of justice!


Good Post Rob :)

Work Chronicle - 10/03/10/3441

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