Footsteps of the Fallen

To Sanson

My Dearest Sanson,

I have to be honest this is the first letter I’ve ever written, and as I’m sure you know by now I’m not the greatest with words, but I mean it when I say I hope this letter finds us both well. Being out on the road again is exhilarating, as I’m sure it is for anyone with an adventurer’s heart, but I’m beginning to miss you terribly. I haven’t seen you in a month, and a long month it has been not having your company to cheer me up. Long trips on the road give me plenty of time to think, as there tends to be long gaps in the conversation of the wardens, I guess you just run out of things to talk about after a while. However I doubt this new priest/librarian we picked up will ever run out of things to talk about, I’ve started to tune him out though, and I know Sanson you would tell me that I was being rude, but if I hear “I.L.L.” one more time I think I might lose my mind! I’m sure you’ll meet him eventually then you will know exactly what I mean.

I’m beginning to think we may have made a big mistake taking Tanho’s quest, we haven’t even made it in the door yet and we’ve already lost my good friend Isabelle to an Imperium wizard, at least Corian said he was Imperium, he was too far in the air for me to tell. It was scary not being able to do anything about it as he threw spell after spell at my companions. Not to mention the door, it was so trapped that I would imagine any lesser man would have fallen over dead when it was triggered. I fear that what lays beyond the door is even more terrifying and fearsome than anything I have faced before, I’m worried I won’t return. I haven’t yet admitted to you yet but I myself have been to the other side a couple times, what happens if Hanla’Fe tells me I can’t come back this time. I would only hope that if I do depart from this world before I return to the city that my companions will deliver this letter to you.

Don’t worry too much, we didn’t miss Isabelle for too long. Being friends with the High Commander of the Runegaurd has its perks. Like having a seemingly endless supply of extremely powerful spell casters to begin with, or being invited to dinners with all the high ranking officials and nobles around Areoglyph, how else do you think a monk from the far west would ever get to meet someone such as yourself.

I have to tell you that I never thought I would be so lucky as to earn the admirations of one such as you. You’ve become this spark of light, you give me another reason to keep moving forward from my dark past. Maybe even one day I’ll gain the courage to tell you about it. I just hope I don’t wait too long. In the midst of this war, and everything falling apart you came at just the right time. You’ve given me love, something I never thought I would ever find for myself. Tonight, as I sit here with my companions around a fire in a somber silence, it’s the thought of your touch that brings a smile to my face.

While I may not be poetic, and I may have the tortured heart and rugged soul of an adventurer, I may not be able to stand still for long, I’m far from perfect, but none of that matters when I’m with you. I look forward to returning to the warmth of your embrace. The warm light you have brought into my heart will carry me through whatever dangers I face tomorrow and I will return to you within the month.

Always and Forever yours,



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