Footsteps of the Fallen

This is Nuts

Dungeons and dragons cartoon by kevinbolk
“This is Nuts” Geko mumbled to himself as he studied the huge bronze doors carved with demonic faces and radiating palpable evil. Never before had he been so close to death so many times. And the gods damned Archer had the audacity to call him a coward. If he were’that’ kind of man he will kill the sniveling bastard in his sleep. But he wasn’t that kind of man. In fact he was a fool in his own mind.

These people, telling him that the magical loot they were pulling off these demons and cultist was worth the risk. Worth the risk. What good is loot if your dead?

The group spread out behind him looting the bodies of the fallen demons. The knight on the horse with the yellow cape was introducing himself. Geko grumbled. Yet another mighty warrior to add to the group. He was in the wrong group. All these noble heroes. All he had done was nearly get killed by trap after trap in this place. An invisible cultist stronghold, were they are constructing giants made of the flesh of dead people. What in the name of the Nine Hells was he doing here?!

The freed slaves filed out, heading up the stairs. The centaur Lady that had healed him was making her way through crowd helping and healing. She was the only person that had showed him any kindness for as long as he could remember. He looked at his group. Certainly these people were just going to get him killed and treat him like gutter trash the whole time he was risking his life.

Geko was seriously considering just abandoning these psychotic self important snobs to there “quest”, but if he could just stay alive long enough to get the dragonman to his revenge he could make enough gold to never have to work a lockpick again….


nice story. since there is no Wiki any chance we could get some background info on all this? I have no context. Sounds basically like Game of Thrones to me. Is that the world were in?

This is Nuts

Good reference. Game of Thrones actually heavily inspired the country Clayton is writing about. As he put it, the country is like a mix of Game of Thrones meets 300. There are a number of differences though. I try not to rip off anything and I think this country is as close as it gets. As far as what world we are in – its all homebrew. Since OP became unblocked at work Ill start transitioning stuff from my website to here for full perusal.

This is Nuts

Thank you, just some background on Aurixx along with the last one. As far as the setting yes Travis took some elements of Game of Thrones. Talin’Tyr is just one country though, and in sort of an eternal war with the barbarians to the north. The wall is more god built, too big to be made by man. The watch is similar, though I think he renamed most things (which I may have forgotten). I’m actually making an effort to include some of the details of this country so others can have an idea of what Aurixx is always rambling about.

This is Nuts

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