Footsteps of the Fallen

My Place in the World

It's always darkest before the dawn, or so they say

Willpower is clearly not my strength. This is a fact that has become abundantly clear over the last couple of years. Fighting gibberling mouthers and Shoggoth, these aren’t my strengths. I’ve found myself feeling rather useless as of late.

The other night though, I felt a resurgence, we disembarked from Aeroglyph to do battle with Imperium troops, something I am adept at, what we found though, was far more sinister. We encountered some sort of mind controlling demon. Just my luck. Though to my surprise, I was able to withstand it’s initial mental assault, others were not so lucky, it became quickly apparent that Garok and Sir Allamonde were being commanded by this foul creature.

Corian became the clear target of our agressor, keeping him tied up trying to evade our stronger melee combatants. The responsibility fell to me to lead the assault against this creature. For the first time in many months I found my place in battle, I did as much as I could to coordinate the rest of the party, Isabelle tried her best with her bow, but after landing a few arrows to no effect, she joined me in flanking the beast, giving me the tactical advantage I needed. Adora was able to stay out of immediate danger long enough to recover her spellcasting and take the fight to the demon.

We must have struck a nerve at some point as the demon eventually fled. But not before forcing Corian to slay Sir Allamonde. Even Corian, an elven with a hatred for humans and a newfound penchant for chaos showed remorse at this unfortunate turn.

We quickly returned to Aeroglyph to decide what to do about Sir Allamonde. It has become clear that Adora and I are going to have to return to leadership roles in the group and keep a keen eye on Corian, with this chaotic curse on his head, he has become somewhat more unpredictable.

On a more personal note, I have not heard from my father for some time. This is both troubling and distracting. Hopefully I can learn what’s become of him, for good or ill without causing us to deviate from our current calling.


Succinct: I like it John. :)

My Place in the World

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