Footsteps of the Fallen


Magic, it’s an amazing thing. I think us Alluvians take it for granted sometimes. It has always been a part of our lives and from time to time we are reminded just how powerful it can be. I have used magic since I was a child living near the woods with my mother. My rune magic also allows me to delve into magics not normally known to druids. Nonetheless, I have always had a deep respect for the magic of this land, even if I don’t always understand it. Sometimes it can allow us to heal our friends, sometimes it allows us to kill others, and sometimes it allows us foresight for events to come.

Standing at the door, about to enter the room where the wizard will try to make a deal with us, and divide our group, we all suddenly have the knowledge of things to come. The paladins death, Flynn’s seeming betrayal to the group, and what appears to be a demon.

With the recent death of Bedevier, we realize we need more help. Our group is low on supplies and manpower so we of course argue at first and ultimately decide to head to Kriesk.

Having a hot bath for the first time in several months feels like bliss. The Inn is packed and soon we will be meeting downstairs for some dinner and to discuss recruitment for the Sovereign Blades. I realized how much I missed civilization. I could do without the glares of some of my fellow Runeguard sisters but it is to be expected. I head downstairs and find the group ordering drinks and food. Though we are weary, we spend the night discussing and planning for the days to come.



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