Footsteps of the Fallen


Past session journal entry

Aeroglyph…the city she once called home. The same city that she was trained in, bled in, defended unconditionally, grew as a woman, and fell as a ‘traitor’ to her Runeguard sisters. As she and the rest of the group traveled towards the city, her insides twisted into knots. She was nervous. It had been nearly a year since she had seen her beloved fallen Aeroglyph and been cast out of the Runeguard for refusing to follow orders from an emotionally compromised leader. It still pained her to know that many of her sisters feel betrayed by her actions, yet, she is not surprised.
As a Runeguard, she was taught to follow orders, to defend Alluvia, to support each other, and do it without question. She had always had a problem with authority growing up, but never once had she turned her back on the women she had come to love and call family…until the day she spoke her mind and was deemed a traitor by those she loved.
It was difficult to go back to a place where everyone you once spent so much time with, joked around with, shared secrets with, and defended Alluvia with, now hates you. It’s an awful feeling, a gut wrenching feeling, and one she was still not prepared to deal with. Though her confidence in herself and her own abilities had grown over the last several months traveling with her new (and old) friends, she didn’t know what to expect when she arrived home, and it scared her. She knows that what she did was the right decision and does not regret standing up for what she believed was a terribly wrong path Yosanna was about to go down but that doesn’t negate the fact that she misses her old life, her Runeguard sisters, and the trust they had in her. It is very lonely on the outside and she felt as if no one could understand her pain.
Since the fall of Aeroglyph, the city still remained flightless, laying partially on its side instead of floating in the clouds like it once had. Coming upon this sight almost took her breath away and for a moment, she wept at the site of her beloved city still broken. Flynn appeared visibly upset as well and for a moment their eyes met and she knew his heart sank for the despair of their city as well. The only hope still inside her was knowing that she and her traveling companions held the secret to make Aeroglyph fly again. She just hoped that her elven friend did not have to sacrifice his life to make it so.
As they approached the city, she noticed the increased security surrounding the city. The city gates alone had four Runeguard and archers ready to take down anyone who threatened them. Guarding the city gates was one of her duties as a Runeguard. She wondered if she would ever guard her city again.
As they enter the gates, one of the Runeguards reminds her “You know the rules Adora…” She pulls up her hood but does not avert her eyes and looks into the face of the guard as she and Torque and the others enter Aeroglyph.
It is weird being back in the city after being gone for so long. She and the others headed to Flynn’s estate to rest, bathe, and try to discover a solution to the chaotic problem plaguing our companion Corian. Though she cared for her friend and his wellbeing, being back in Aeroglyph had her mind racing and it was difficult for her to concentrate on this issue at hand. She was consumed with grief and headed to the gardens to pray.
It seemed like so long since she had spoken with her beloved God. Storgg was all around her and yet she had been so busy fighting and trying to survive she had forgotten to seek his guidance and comfort for her own heart ache.
She entered the garden, fell to her knees below the leafless willow tree, and prayed to her God. She prayed for her mother, whom she had not seen or heard from in nearly a year and who she worried about each day. She prayed for Corian, who was facing his own mortality alone in the woods this very moment. She prayed to Storgg to keep him safe and for Corian to realize he is valued, cared for, and loved by others. She prayed for Alluvia and asked Storgg to protect all the living creatures that call this country their home. Most importantly, she prayed for peace in her heart. For the grief and loss that she felt being cast out of the way of life she had known since a girl. Though she loved and cherished those years, she now knew they were behind her, and her fate was up to the Gods.
Waiting for her friends to return from their meeting with Yosanna, she explored the city a bit. It was good to see some things had been repaired. Soon, the city would be flying again and Aeroglyph with be as it once was.
Upon the return of her friends she learned of the plans for returning to Uldevai and the assistance they would be given to put the shoggoth away in a powerful spell buried away deep inside a mountain. They learned of Corians true past, his noble blood, the death of his people, and though her heart ached for his loss, she was glad that he had chosen to live and face the chaos within his to preserve his bloodline.
So they teleported back to the ancient flightless city they had been scouring for months with the help of powerful allies and bound the chaotic and vile creature away and Corain’s chaos subsided…for a while. With that and the information from Yosanna and the wizard, they were able to make the city fly once again. Adora summoned Grundhu and he climbed to the highest tower and yelled in celebration that the city he once guarded was ascending to the air once again.
Flying the city gave Adora a renewed hope and a new found confidence. She and her companions had fought many enemies, lost several friends, and sacrificed so much to complete the mission they knew was needed to restore Aeroglyph and renew hope to the citizens of Alluvia.
Seeing the faces of the nobles, official, guards, and Runeguards as they hovered the massive city next to Aeroglyph made her smile. She held her head high and met every gaze. Even though she was no longer a Runeguard, she was still a guardian of her country, a powerful caster of magic, a friend to her adventuring companions, a master of wild tigers, and a proud member of the Ascending Wardens who continue to bleed, sweat, and die for Alluvia. For that, she felt satisfied and for a moment, she began to love herself again.
**During her time in the city, Adora was able to connect with Drisco, the chief of the city guards and someone whom she loved dearly to learn more about her mother’s disappearance. It seems he has not heard from her as well. Before they head back out on a long adventure, she will try to travel home to Astalor for clues to her mother’s disappearance. Also, after learning that many of her sister Runeguards had gone insane after being stripped of their magic and Runeguard titles, she spent the evening silently weeping curled up with Torque in Flynn’s estate. She was not only sad that her sisters had endured so much pain but she was grateful she had friends to keep her from facing that same fate.

Journal Soundtrack:
Silence (Dj Tiesto’s In Search Of Sunrise Remix) by Delerium
There’s Only Me (Instrumental) by Rob Dougan
Hayling by FC Kahuna
Save Me From Myself by Sirenia
As The Rush Comes (Gabriel & Dresden Chill Out Mix) by Motorcycle
Euphoria (Firefly) by Delerium
Endless Reverie (Banco De Gaia Remix) by Azam Ali
Into The Dawn by JES
Eurydice by Sleepthief
Wolf Drawn by Emancipator


Nice. I like that write-up Amber. :)


I neglected to ask though……..why did you post it a second time? I didn’t notice anything of difference. Not that it was bad, just curious. :)


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