Footsteps of the Fallen

Adora Gets Emotional

How much grief and loss can someone take in a lifetime?

Watching Corian infused with chaos was almost painful. His eyes dark and cloudy, the energy emanating from all around him…Adora knew he was battling inner turmoil. He struggled to maintain balance with who he is and who he may become and soon, she feared, it would come to a gruesome end.

Her mother was elven and Corain was her closest link to that world.
Traveling and spending years with Corian made her realize just how much she missed her mother and her elven heritage. She worried about her daily and inside she felt torn between worlds of who she was, who she is, and who she should be. She wondered if she would ever see her again.

Corian had risked his life to help them seek the answers to make the ancient city fly again and she sensed he struggled to contain the chaos that was taking over him. He would probably die, being connected to the chaotic beast, the Shagoth, and it was hard not to break down in tears realizing that even the most powerful beings in her country could not help.

The very selfish part of her wanted to find any means possible to help him find a way to kill the horrible creature, spend days, weeks, months, trying to find any way around what they were told must happen…death… so he could live happily ever after but she knew that his sacrifice, if he should choose to, would be the most logical and heroic thing anyone could do for their friends and the country. She hated it, hated the world, and hated life for being so unfair….but she knew it would soon come to pass and she knew that once again, she would lose a friend in this seemingly never ending battle to save Alluvia.



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