Footsteps of the Fallen

A Past Life

Choose Your Destiny

Running through the forest with the grass and moss between my toes felt amazing. The sunlight streamed through the tree branches like golden beams licking the earth and Talia was well ahead of me in our game of tag. She was the biggest wolf I had ever seen and mother told me she was probably the oldest I would ever know. I often heard mother speaking to her at night next to the fire, stroking her beautiful white fur and reminiscing about the days they lived with the elves in her tribe, many many years ago. Today mother had sent me out looking for plants for her various potions and elixirs she brewed for the people of Alluvia. With bundles of plants and flowers in my hands I raced through the forest as fast as my five year old legs would carry me, trying to catch up with Talia who raced through the forest with such ease and grace, she almost appeared to be flying.

Suddenly the edge of the forest opened and a cliff overlooking the rolling plains came upon me. I skidded to a stop, wondering where Talia had gone. Below I heard swords clashing, women shouting, and large explosions all around. I slowly peered over the edge and saw hundreds of women battling with unfamiliar soldiers. Some flew around casting powerful magics I did not understand, others wielded huge swords, slicing into their enemies. Fire, ice, and arrows flew through the sky. The women were beautiful, with blue runes adorning their bodies…

The Runeguard.

I looked down at my own arm and saw very faint but similar markings. A few days ago mother had told me that my body would be changing and that I would see such markings all over my body. Years ago I had been assessed and found to bear an ancient and powerful compatibility with magic. I know this worried my mother. I edged closer to the cliff to take a closer look and suddenly Talia was there. “Come Adora,” she spoke to me in her native wolf tongue, “This is no battle for a young one like yourself.” As I turned to leave I looked back over the cliff and proclaimed, “Someday though, Talia, someday I will be down there, fighting…fighting as a Runeguard…”


Very nice Amber. I like the glimpse like approach that you took with that entry. Kind of like a little window that opened up in terms of a memory. Nicely done. :)

It definitely brings a good visual as to the combative and mysterious nature of the Runeguard, especially from the perspective of a girl only having experienced the fairly laid back lifestyle of having been raised in the country away from all of that for the most part. :)

A Past Life

Thanks :) In her bio I mention that her mother is against her joining the runeguard but that she was always drawn to their world and joined anyway

A Past Life

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