Footsteps of the Fallen

A Half-Orc Ranger, a Shy Thief and a Drunk Monk walk into a bar...

...and walk out as members of the Sovereign Blades

In our effort to raise the city of Aeroglyph, we’ve decided that recruiting new membership was necessary, due to a terrible sense of foreboding and visions at Ulduvai. Sir Friedmont has been, as usual, less than amenable to our decisions regarding the group, which seems odd given his desire previously to not actually take up full membership, and instead just “ride with us”.

We returned to Creesk and found a few interesting companions, about halfway back we discovered that we were being tailed by a Half-Orc, I get the distinct feeling that he would have been much more difficult to notice if we’d not had Adora’s keen eyes. He seemed a bit out of sorts, perhaps it was the fact that we didn’t kill him on site for being what he was. While generally quiet and reserved, I think that he’ll prove to be an excellent fighter in the days to come if he keeps his wit as sharp as he keeps his axes.

I befriended a very shy and nervous soldier named Isabelle who appears to be quite adept at mechanics, specifically, the disassemble of them. While she may be lacking in social graces, I have no doubt that here technical skill should come in quite handy in our attempts to fix Ulduvai or at the very least salvage some components.

And finally Sundari, the quite innebriated monk that Ortan made friends with. I can’t help but think that Ortan was scouting the tavern looking for his replacement, though no one could really replace our beloved drunken Dwarf, I think he may have found someone who will come very close. While we were sad to leave Ortan in that tavern, I’m sure we’ll see him again, and Sundari should prove to be quite formittable on the battlefield, assuming she can stay intoxicated long enough to finish the fight! Hah!

We had one last recruit who turned out to be much more… adept than the rest, her name was Brianca and while she only stayed with us a short time, she left quite an impression. Though I do begin to wonder why she seemed so… disappointed? with us.



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