The nation of Alluvia has no reason to fear the Imperium. For years now the horde that has conquered countries around them has left Alluvia in relative peace. Why wouldn’t they? Alluvia has hundreds of arcane casters capable of long-range warfare from the flying cities. You heard correctly, the crown city floats on a massive slab of land well above the reach of any invaders. To attack Alluvia, you would need both an aerial force to be reckoned with, and one that could fight back against competent magi.

As if that weren’t enough, the Rune Nation is home to one of the most powerful adventuring groups to walk the face of Valdora. The Order of the New Dawn. Their fabled leaders: Gyx Swiftfoot, Darius Brightblade, and Ominix the White Star; each personally capable of unsurpassed destructive force. It is said even the legendary Tarrasque could not stand before them. The Order of the New Dawn believes it is the countermeasure to the Imperium and while it cannot mount an offense just yet, it will not be long before the Order takes it upon themselves to free its enslaved neighbors.

Yes, it is true. Alluvia remains unmolested as the continent around them is plunged into war. The time is ripe for adventurers to surface and make a name for themselves, and hope to one day be the next Ominix or Darius. As long as the Order defends the land of Magic, the Alluvians will be confident and at ease. Were something to happen to the Order however…

chaos would ensue.

Footsteps of the Fallen

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